Dear Ocean Shores Community Club Members,

Thank you!!!!

I am grateful to so many individuals for the recent Bayshore Clubhouse opening. First, let me thank the Board of Trustees for working with me to ensure guidelines could be met and allow for our Bayshore Clubhouse reopening. This team of nine is mindful of all our members and collaborates to ensure we do our best to serve you, our Community Club members.

With even greater appreciation, I must thank the Ocean Shores Community Club staff. Since my first day, this staff has shown their talents, their strength and resilience. They have come together as a team to mend, improve and support our Community Club as a whole. Not oneindividual has said, “I can’t.  Instead, each day I hear team members voice, “I can do” or “how can I help?”

The Ocean Shore Community Club staff tirelessly maintains our parks and their facilities; addresses any unforeseen issues such as weather and vandalism; manages daily membership records; and processes property transactions multiple times nearly each and every day. Most recently, with the Bayshore Clubhouse reopening and all the twists, turns, guideline adherences, notable changes in operations, job descriptions as well as schedule changes, they have all remained steadfast.  As club members we owe our deep gratitude to the amazing staff who daily demonstrate their care and commitment to you, the club members. Please join me in extending our members’ appreciation to the Ocean Shores Community Club staff.  Thank you, Austin, Brian, Chris, Emma, Gerry, Jamie, Jacob, Jared, Jenny, Renee, Rhonda, Sally and Wade.

Lastly, and just as important, I wish to thank our Club members. Your kindness, patience and understanding are received with such gratitude. So many of you, even with some scheduling hiccups, have offered support and flexibility. This is a new process and the unintentional mistakes are being reviewed for improved practices. The staff constantly communicates needs, challenges and recommended changes. Furthermore, I am thankful to our members who have recently returned to the Bayshore Clubhouse and who willingly practice the current protocol. The kind words, the patience and the opportunity for Club members to utilize our club again is heartwarming.

Our restrictive opening protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all our members and our staff. Most members have followed the rules. Practicing the protocols minimizes any risk and enables our Bayshore Clubhouse to remain open and accessible. I am asking all members to continue practicing the protocols outlined on our website and in the Ocean Observer. As protocols are consistently practiced Bayshore Clubhouse will be expanding member access.

Expanded Bayshore Clubhouse Opening Protocols

On Monday, March 15th the Bayshore Clubhouse will be expanding access to our Fitness Room, Weight Room and Hot Tub as well as adding access to our Gym and Game Room. There is no change to the reservation or time limit regarding the Pool.  Also, appointment times will remain at 45 minutes.

Please remember: Reservations, masks, temperature checks and social distancing will continue to be required for entry and during attendance in the Bayshore Clubhouse. Reservations can be secured each Monday at 8:00 AM for the subsequent week. Reservations are secured on a weekly basis and are available for members and their immediate family only.


(The following will all have a 45-minute usage time limit)

  • Hot Tub – 2 people from the same household
  • Fitness Room – 6 people (limited number to help members manage social distancing)
  • Weight Room – 2 people (limited number to help members manage social distancing)
  • Gym (Basketball)
  • Half court can host up to 3 people. Attendees must remain in the assigned half-court (Note: Both sides of the court can be reserved independently)
  • Full Court – no more than 2 households
  • Game Room – no more than 2 households
  • What has not changed- our requirement to disinfect each and every area after use. Members can assist us with following the current protocols. Please do not migrate to an area outside of your reservation. Showering will not be permitted.

Disc Golf Anyone?!…

(…. or known to some as Frisbee Golf). I am excited to announce the addition of a Disc Golf Course to our Ocean Shores Community Club!  The new course will be located at our Bayshore Park. An avid Disc Golfer and experienced course designer, Todd Huckaby, has given his time and expertise to help us design and, soon, install a Disc Golf Course at our Bayshore Clubhouse. This is a wonderful activity for members of any age and various fitness levels. The Tidewater Disc Golf Course, as it will be named, will allow families to enjoy the Bayshore park while enjoying the beautiful bay view. Look forward to playing our 3-par course at the end of March. See you on the tee pad!

For more information about Disc Golf, check out this website from the pros:

What is Disc Golf? A Complete Beginner’s Guide | Professional Disc Golf Association (


Ocean Shores Community Club is true to its name.  As we opened our doors, this sense of community and care is truly present. I experienced this first hand as I am now meeting members ‘in person’. This pandemic has really been trying for each of us, albeit in different ways. We are presented with challenges we could never have imagined a year ago. For me, I never would have imagined making a fashion statement with a facemask! All kidding aside, the last 11 months have certainly offered challenges and frustrations to all in both similar and unique ways. Learning how members are working with other community members to ensure they are safe, warm, and have food on their table shows the compassion and that the true sense of community is alive and strong! To live and share in this community is a true gift!!

As I conclude my note, I am reminded of the new friendships we are all forming while we strengthen our bonds with current friends. I am leaving with you a beautiful quote:

“We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over”.

                                                                                                         Life of Johnson (September 1777)

 May friendship and kindness run over today and always,

Kathleen Maroney