Dear Ocean Shores Community Club Members,

July is here and there are many reasons to celebrate! First and foremost, we can all celebrate that most restrictions have been lifted!! Returning to our normal, or what many consider, the new normal, provides us with relief, excitement and the ability to take a deep breath and exhale. Since our last publication, there has been a great deal of news and opportunities to share. So, let’s get started 😊.

Cabana Park Pool Opening!

With great thanks to our lifeguard team, we opened Cabana Park pool four days a week. The opening day was filled with great exuberance!  Members and guests played, re-engaged with old friends while making a few new ones. The best, and maybe only word to describe this day and the days that followed, is JOY! This feeling exuded throughout the opening and into our hot, hot, did I say, hot weekend!!

Furthermore, I need to thank all our adult members who came with their younger family members. Your support of our pool rules and our lifeguards ensured everyone’s experience was not only fun, but SAFE!! Many of you played in the pool with the children creating even more happy memories and experiences to those around you. Thank you!!

On June 14th, we also saw the return of Water Aerobics at the Cabana Park pool. Friends reconnecting and sharing their enthusiasm to be together outside safely was wonderful to witness. We need to thank Michal and Jeannie for their group leadership.

Bayshore Pool Access Update

Members provided a great deal of feedback on our opening plan. With this feedback, we have decided to implement the following plan and will review the success over the next 30 days. As of July 5th, Bayshore pool will continue to provide lane swim, with reservations, from 6:00 AM To 8:00 AM, Monday through Friday. Weekdays, free swim will be from 9:00 AM to pool closing time, which is 30 minutes before building closing. Saturday and Sunday will be free swim only.

Hot Tub

As of July 5th, our hot tub will no longer require reservations or capacity limits.

What is in our future? Exciting events!

Ocean Shores Community Club’s annual picnic is returning! Mark your calendars for August 28th.  Beginning at 3:00 PM, members and their guests (2 per member) can come and chow down while reconnecting with friends and meet our newest members. Did you know we have over 400 new members to Ocean Shores Community Club since January?  Come early, eat, play and make new friends. Sadly, at 5:00 PM the party is over ☹ and we again will have to wait till the next event! Which is…?

Ocean Shores Community Club’s Holiday Bazaar is BACK!!  Yes, our vendors and staff are excited for the return and celebrations. The planning is in place and the schedule has been set. Mark November 13th to join us for our Annual Holiday Bazaar. Over 40 vendors will help us with our holiday shopping choices. We also anticipate added entertainment in our newly created room, “The Loft”, for our weary shoppers to enjoy before continuing their gift shopping.

Leasehold Membership

On June 26th, the Board of Trustees have approved and opened up membership to leaseholders where the leased property is held by a member. Leasehold memberships will be limited to 1% of our total memberships. Currently our membership is at 8500. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the administrative office for further details. Our Leasehold Membership program will be available beginning July 15th.

Happy Independence Day!!

Merriam Webster defines Independence Day as a civil holiday for the celebration of the anniversary of the beginnings of national independence. Our first Independence Day occurred on July 4th in 1776 in Philadelphia, my former home town. Our founders met in a building which is now known as Independence Hall. Secured in a room, with windows and doors closed, the founders voted on the first of many actions to begin our succession from England and establish a new and free land. Freedom is not only a right, but a privilege. Our founders held different beliefs, yet their values were aligned. Even when they strongly disagreed with one another’s viewpoints, respect for each other was held in esteem. Somehow, through all their heated discussions in very hot quarters, they came together, found common ground to begin a new country and shared vision. 

This month, let us consider our shared vision and celebrate! Let us experience the feeling of independence and freedom to celebrate our families, our neighbors, friends and our beautiful surroundings. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday.


Kind regards,



General Manager