From the Desk Of Our Club Manager:

Dear Ocean Shores Community Club Members,

Happiness does not lie in getting all that you want to,

 but it lies in enjoying all that you have!


April has arrived and, like last year, we acknowledge the Latin meaning of April – to open, by sharing the most recent openings or better yet, re-openings. As many of you know, Club Café’ has opened! Many of our members are enjoying Chef J’s tasty fare! Many are raving about the tasty tots, the luscious soup and the mouth-watering club sandwich! Club Café is open Thursday through Monday until 2:00 PM.

We are also excited to share our Damon Park completion. Now our families and guests can enjoy a beautiful day at our park. The new pavilion, parking lot and fencing have now been installed and are ready to enjoy! As our weather is becoming sunnier and the outdoors more inviting, we encourage all our members to experience Damon Park and create more amazing memories with family and friends!

Celebration of Life

April brings new life to our gardens and trees; it also brings hope as a life passes. Ken Peterson, a friend, club member and Board of Trustee has passed. While Mr. Peterson is no longer with us, his passion and joy can be experienced all around our community. During his many years as Board of Trustee and Treasurer, Mr. Peterson sought to improve and grow the members’ experience. Many times, he worked closely with our maintenance crew. At times you would find Mr. Peterson out enjoying Damon Park on a mower! Ocean Shores Community Club shared their gratitude renaming the former Pacific Park as Ken Peterson Park!

As one team member shared, in all that we remember and experience where Mr. Peterson left his mark, his ‘essence’ and legacy will be with us for a very long time. On May 14, 2022 Ocean Shores Community Club will be honoring Mr. Peterson with his family at Ken Peterson Park. Following a memorial service at Galilean Lutheran Church, Mr. Peterson’s friends and family will congregate at Ken Peterson Park to celebrate his life and legacy. All community members are welcome to join the celebration at 2:30 PM. Ken Peterson Park will be secured in the afternoon to honor Mr. Peterson and his contribution to our lives and club.

Group Club Updates

In March, club members have returned to enjoy playing Hand and Foot. Hand and Foot card game is a game related to Canasta. In Hand and Foot, players are dealt two sets of cards: the hand, which is played with first, and the foot, which is then played after. This game does not have standard rules and is also played with a variety of variations. The game generally has 4 players consisting of 2 partnerships. However, this game can be played with any number of people. Come join the fun! Hand and Foot is played Wednesday afternoons in our meeting room.

April brings a return of another group. For those of us needing to relieve some stress, find balance through a meditative activity, our Tai Chi group may just be the answer. Tai Chi is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing. Tai chi originated as an ancient martial art in China. Over the years, it has become more focused on health promotion and rehabilitation. Tai Chi will be hosted in our gymnasium on Thursday’s from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM beginning April 7th

Fitness Room Updates

Due to the age of the machine and multiple attempts to repair, we will be replacing our ‘out of order’ elliptical. We have purchased the machine, and with the delays experienced throughout the country, the delivery date is set for August.  While I know we are excited to get a new piece of equipment, we understand the frustration with one machine ‘down’. I ask our members to be mindful of their time on our machines, limiting their cardio workout time to 30 minutes. Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated by all.

Our treadmill parts are ordered and we will have them repaired as soon as the parts arrive.

Reminder: Please wipe down your equipment after each use to help maintain the cleanliness and minimize the transfer of germs. Your co-members greatly appreciate your commitment to a safe workout environment.

Building Park Beauty

With great commitment and even more effort, the maintenance team has removed the stump from our Bayshore Clubhouse entry way. This has already created a more inviting look to our clubhouse. As time permits, the team will be looking to enhance our park even more! Most recently, in the cold rain, the team worked diligently to trim the pampas grass. Now members have a better view of the whales visiting our Bay! The spouting has already been witnessed!

Your maintenance team recently beautified our Bill Ellis Park. Days were spent power washing the buildings and dock for families to better enjoy. The team will dedicate time at each park so families can more fully enjoy. Please join me in thanking the maintenance team for their hard work and support. Thank you, Austin, Ed and Jacob!

Outdoor Summer Swim

As of this writing, we have just over a half-dozen lifeguards committed to joining our team. We are continuing to seek additional staff to afford our members the best opportunity to enjoy our outdoor pools with family and guests. Anyone interested should contact Ocean Shores Community Club for more information regarding training and employment.

A Step Back in Time

Continuing our look back, we found history repeating itself and the inception of many of our local establishments. In April of 1962, the news highlighted not only the continual growth, but of the start of the clam digging season. In 1962 you were only allowed 18 clams! While the quantity has not grown much, the fun and festivities have definitely added to our enjoyment.

In April of 1968, many new establishments began. Do you know what became of the Executive Villa? What do we all know this as now? Which resort establishment on Ocean Shores Boulevard was formerly called the Ginny Sims Motor Inn? Come check out copies of our paper archives and learn more. Learn about the 180,000 Rainbows!

Perfectly Imperfect

My father, known as a gentleman’s gentleman, offered me wisdom over the years. When he would do something I found odd, I would say, “Dad you’re a weirdo!” His retort, “Well you’re a daughter of a weirdo then!” We would laugh and move on at the truth in the humor. I was truly grateful for these moments. There is one saying that we shared often that I reflect on often and most recently even more. I would tell him I am ‘perfect’. He would then smile and calmly retort, “You are perfectly imperfect”.  And today there are no truer words.

As our café opened and our groups continued, I, yes, I, your General Manager missed the scheduling crossovers. While we have worked out a solution, the first moment this came to light was a bit awkward for many. So, I ask for your pardon in my error. I also ask for your patience and support to help find solutions that will be peaceful and beneficial to all parties. Together we can work to find a way forward where all members and guests experience our community in enjoyment and kindness.


Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

-Albert Einstein

May all our lives be filled with peace today and always,