From the Desk Of Our Club Manager:

Holiday Bazaar Cancelled

For the health and wellbeing of our members, guests and staff, we made the difficult decision to cancel the Annual OSCC 2021 Holiday Bazaar.

We hope to see you in 2022.

The OSCC Staff

Ocean Shores Community Club will be Closing at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 24th and  will remain closed on Thursday November 25th to provide staff time to celebrate with family and friends. the club will open with normal hours on Friday, November 26th.

Dear Ocean Shores Community Club Members

     Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; the readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness. Interestingly enough, as human beings with busy lives, we often take for granted the gratitude we share and are shown by others. November offers us the opportunity to reflect and remember for what and whom we are grateful. Furthermore, this month invites us to both experience and share our gratefulness.

     November 11th is a holiday where we take a special moment to remember and honor our heroes of yesterday and today. We celebrate those who serve(d) and their families who serve(d) alongside them. Our service men and women, along with their families, deserve our gratitude each and every day as their service allows us to continue to work toward a more perfect union, even when we find moments of challenges and differences. I too have many family members who served, and can become complacent in appreciating their service and commitment.

     Thanksgiving is one, if not my most favorite of holidays. It is the time we take to celebrate the small and big grateful moments experienced with family and friends. There is laughter, lively conversation, delicious fare and even more lively conversation. Mostly there are renewed friendships and family relations. I have so many wonderful memories, and each year I am grateful this holiday lets me add to them. Over the last few decades, while the holiday has brought different levels and kinds of gratitude, there is gratitude nonetheless. Even during the last year with my parents, I am mindful of the gift of having had them with me to share in this wonderful seasonal moment.

     Appreciation came from many members after last month’s article was shared. Members were grateful for the guidance provided in pool protocol. Several asked if we would be able to provide some additional information regarding our fitness room and sauna protocol. After multiple conversations and research, here are the recommended protocols.

Fitness Room

     Our fitness room has a wonderful array of cardio, fitness machines and weight training equipment. As a community club, our machines and equipment are available for everyone. This then begs the question; how do I know if the machine is available to be used? Check out the recommendations below from some online experts with a little humor included in their messaging:

Jordan Shakeshaft, a Director of Fitness & Programming shares the following fitness room practices:

   Wax on, wax off – Sure, we may have hit the gym to avoid doing housework, but wiping down machines is a chore with serious payoffs. (No one wants a side of germs and infectious skin diseases with their workout.)

     Lift a finger More chores, we know. but returning fee weights, and other equipment to their proper places is more than courteous– it might burn a few extra calories too!

     Mind the mirror – Leave the lip gloss application, ab adoration, and smizing for the boudoir. Gym mirrors are there for form and safety, so avoid crossing in front of Mr. Military Press mid-set.

Another expert, Jim Bathurst, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, offers the following advice for gym protocol and practices:

Step away from the dumbbells.   I see it all the time. Someone grabs a pair of dumbbells, then proceeds to stand directly in front of the whole rack and curl, shrug, or flap their arms up and down – like they’re a mother bird protecting their eggs from predators. Ninety-Five percent of the time, it’s curls.

     I don’t care what exercise you do, but please just get your dumbbells and take a step away so others can use the dumbbells too!

I know some people want to use different weighted dumbbells back-to-back, but I swear you won’t lose your pump if you take an extra 10 seconds to walk the dumbbells back to the rack. You might even build up your grip strength a little more with the impromptu farmer’s walks!

Give people space. Move around the weight room like you are defensive driving. If someone picks ip a pair of dumbbells, just give them space to the front and side. nWith practice you’ll start to anticipate what exercise they might do, and where their arms (and the dumbbells) will be.

   You can still move and walk around them, but just walk in a wider  circle if needed. Getting smacked with a dumbbell is no fun for involved. Walking blindly through the dumbbell section is a like waling blindly through a windmill farm.

     Weights can be lifted, swung, or circulated from the anywhere at any time. Keep your head on a swivel, and move slowly if you see somebody with a weight.

Don’t block someones view of the mirror. There’s a reason that any gym has a mirror behind its dumbbell rack – people like to watch themselves lift weights! Now for many this may be a vanity issue, but for most, this is just to watch their form.

    Regardless, don’t block someone’s view if it can be avoided! When you see someone looking intently into the the mirror and lifting dumbbells, then do your best to stay out of their line of sight. you can certainly walk in front of them, but give them some clearance and be quick!

Don’t drop the dumbbells – only dumbos do this. Another common practice in nearly any gym is finishing a set with dumbbells, letting out a huge gasp, like you’re Aquaman and just came to the suface of the ocean, then dropping/slamming the dumbbells it either side ofo your bench.

     Structurally they don’t respond well to repeated drops, and you are very likely to break one of the heads off. I have seen this countless times.

    if your workout destroys the equipment you’re using, you’re doing it wrong. And nobody thinks you’re cool dropping your weights, I promise. Even if they are heavy.

    Nobody cares.

    Actually, they’ll care… if the dumbbell rolls or bounces on their foot.

Check if the equipment is free first.  If I’m approaching a squat rack, a bench lifting platform or anything else that someone may be using, I’ll get into my hunting and tracking mode – looking for signs that another lifter may be in the area

  • Is the a towel laid out on it? (Usually, a sign something is being used.)
  • Is there another piece of training equipment laying around, like a notebook, backpack or weight belt? (Also a good sight something is still being used.)

     After a quick assessment, look around the gym and see if anyone is coming over to that piece of equipment or looking at you. if it seems like someone is bee-lining towards me, eyes locked, then I ask them “Is this free? Are you using this?”

     Let’s all try to be mindful and kind. If someone steps in and uses a piece of equipment you have stepped away from, perhaps kindness should prevail and one could ask them to let you know when they finish their reps.


We have the added benefit of having dry saunas in our respective locker rooms. Dry saunas are designed to work without the use of liquids, hence the term “dry” sauna. We kindly ask our members not to add water, essential oils or any other liquid to the sauna or its elements. Recently we had to replace the element due to misuse.

Understandably, the dry sauna is way for body to sweat and incurs deep relaxation for many people. We recommend the following precautions and preparations to make your dry sauna experience that much more enjoyable and healthful:

  • Drink a glass of water before entering the dry sauna. With dry temperatures soaring up to 185-degrees Fahrenheit, your body will need the extra moisture. Bring a bottle of water with you into the sauna in case you get parched.
  • Enter the sauna clean. Rinse off in the shower before you enter the sauna, if necessary, to remove any day-to-day pollution from your skin.
  • Bring two clean, large towels into the sauna, and remember to close the door behind you. Place a clean towel on a bench. You can either sit on the towel or lie down across the bench to completely relax. Use the second towel you brought with you to wipe away sweat from your brow or from anywhere on your body that needs attention as you bathe.
  • Take deep, slow breaths, and enjoy the sauna for between 15 and 20 minutes. Remember to drink water if you feel parched, and avoid staying in the sauna for too long and overheating your tissues.
  • Leave the sauna, and rinse off in the shower in lukewarm water to remove excess sweat and to gently cool your body down by degrees.
  • Drink a glass or two of water after you leave the sauna to re-hydrate your body.

    Our staff truly hopes our members can continue to enjoy our saunas. They work hard to help maintain them for the daily use. I do hope the above protocols are helpful. Unfortunately, we do have members misusing the sauna. Members are unscrewing the lightbulb. One individual has removed the antique light fixture and it is nowhere to be found. I am respectfully asking for the return of the light fixture and that members respect the property and its contents with the usage as it was intended. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of our facility maintenance.


    Our team works diligently and consistently to provide a safe and healthy environment for each and every member. Every day I receive compliments on how amazing the staff truly is. Whether it is the welcoming and talented staff in the office, the committed and skilled maintenance crew or our custodial crew who nightly works to support the cleanliness and care of our facility, the compliments and gratitude our members share is heart-warming. And while I try to remember to share these, I know I have missed opportunities to do so. Today, I beg your indulgence, to personally thank my team for their commitment, their shared talents and the attitude of care and concern for each other and our members.

     My humble and heartfelt gratitude goes to Chris, Jamie, Renee, Austin, Joey, Ed, Jared, Wade, Jacob, Rhonda, Tom, Jenny, Terri, Jean, Sally and Deb.


    I do hope each of you, our Ocean Shores Community Club members, and your friends and family have a most wonderful November filled with great joy and celebration. My heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and support over this past year.

   And, in closing, I know I would be remiss if I did not close with a literary reference. November is truly an amazing month and may the November stars shine light on all our lives.

October is the month for painted leaves. Their rich glow now flashes around the world. As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting. October is its sunset sky; November the later twilight.

– Henry David Thoreau


In thanksgiving,



Pool Protocals

     No reservations required! And so, the question is, ‘what are the pool practices or protocols?’. Recently, members, old and new, have asked for clarification regarding the pool practices and the current label, Lane Swim. I hope the following information is helpful in guiding members with pool usage.

6:00  AM to 9:00 AM – Monday through Friday     – is designated as Lane Swimming. Lane swimming means we have lane markers dividing up the pool into four lanes. These lanes are available on a first come first serve basis. Lanes can be shared, if the initial lane holder is comfortable doing so. Please keep in mind, we have members who are social distancing and respectfully may decline to share. There is no rule requiring members to share a lane. I do encourage those walking to use the first lane, as swimmers tend to hit their head on the steps if trying to swim in this lane. (I know this from personal experience). Do note, however, there is no lane designated for swimming over walking. This is just a mindful recommendation.

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM – Monday through Friday – our Bayshore Pool hosts the Water Aerobics Class. All are welcome!!

10:30 AM to 7:30 PM – Monday through Friday –the Bayshore Pool will have one lane available for exercise/swimming and the rest of the pool is available for open swim.

Saturdays and Sundays are open swim, with a single lane available for those who wish to exercise or swim laps outside of the free swimmers.

     Finally, I am asking all those using the pool to remember to shower prior to entering the pool for play or swim. Also, please leave the locker room benches free of personal belongings for others to use when showering or dressing.

Please continue to reach out to me as more guidance or clarification is needed.

Club Cafe

     We are excited to provide an update on the upcoming opening of Club Café. There has been a slight delay. Our new vendor, Mr. Wright, is working diligently to finalize the appropriate licenses and permits for his upcoming opening. As we have more detailed information regarding his opening date, we will share this with you. As more information is received, Club Cafe updates will be available on our website. We are all looking forward to Mr. Wright’s tasty treats and drinks!


A floor shuffleboard with game piecess.

     Shuffleboard is a game in which players use cues to push weighted discs, sending them gliding down a narrow court, with the purpose of having them come to rest within a marked scoring area. A group is forming now! Those interested in getting their “shuffle” on should contact Warren at 253-514-9254!

Preparing for the Future

     As we all look to Ocean Shores Community Club and the future, your team is looking for ways to better serve our members both individually and as a whole. To help in this process, we will begin collecting members’ emails over the next twelve to eighteen months. The request will be included in your upcoming invoice. Thank you for taking the time and assisting us as we look to an exciting and fun filled future!

Your Vote Counts

     Your Board of Trustees member representation ratio is based on Ocean Shores Community Club By-Laws set up during the initial club formation. The ratio appeared to reflect the number of resident and non-resident membership at the time. Over the last few years, the City of Ocean Shores has and continues to experience an influx of permanent residents. The Board of Trustees currently represents our members with 3 resident and 6 non-resident board members. With the continual growth of permanent residents, do you agree with changing the Board of Trustee representation to 4 residents and 5 non-residents?

     Using the Ballot included in the Observer, please place an X in the box recording your vote and submit the ballot to Ocean Shores Community Club by November 15th. Only original ballots will be accepted and counted. Results will be available on our website and in the December Observer.

     Thank you so much for taking the time to allow me to share so much information. In closing, I would love to leave you with this beautiful quote:

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” —Stanley Horowitz

Warm regards,


General Manager